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Chuck Ian Gordon, Creator of the 3futurez Holodeck Musical

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After publishing my first science fiction novel GameW0rldz in 2012 I decided to create the sequel 3futurez as a "Holodeck Musical". Since then I learned a lot of new 3D stuff: 3D scanning, modeling, rigging, animating, pre-rendering, using game engines for interactive experiences. In August 2014 I exhibited at the Loncon 3 - the world science fiction convention in London - and had more than 150 visitors to my VR Dance Experience prototype with amazing results. Later I gave some international talks about cinematic VR. Thus in early 2015 I decided to write a book about it.

"The cinematic VR Formula" covers the journey of creating a cinematic VR production pipeline. To really create proven suitable content I interviewed many international professionals, award winners and VR enthusiasts who shared their experience and provided extremly valuable insights that finally shaped a complete how to guide over a time of two years.

So today I think wether you want to start with creating cinematic VR experiences or wether you are already experienced and look for a well structured overview with some important details you might consider this book helpful.

Now I am in the midst of the writing process and want to offer you this free early access to reflect your thoughts with me on it to improve the contents and find the points where things are not clear and can be explained better.

I will be very happy to welcome you in our exclusive circle of Cinematic VR enthusiasts and professionals and to share this unpublished content before the launching the book later this year. Let's create more amazing cinematic VR adventures and learn from each other. I am looking forward to meeting you there!

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